Newborn dummy sterilising tips

There’s sometimes a challenge in prising your baby’s dummy away from them but it’s essential 
to clean it frequently. 
When it comes to keeping dummies clean, we’ve put together some key tips to help keep the 
process simple, quick and effective. 
When you find a dummy that your baby loves, we recommend buying more than one to ensure 
you can rotate cleaning them and having one they can still use. This means less objection from 
your baby when you take their dummy away. 
In fact, they hopefully won’t even notice that it’s gone if you quickly replace it with a backup! 
For the first six months when babies are less resistant to infections, ensure to sterilise their 
dummies frequently. After this, a thorough wash with a mild detergent and water should suffice. 
Jollypop pacifiers are clean and ready to use. When it comes to sterilising newborn dummies, 
here are our four easy tips. 
How to keep your baby’s dummy clean 
  1. Clean your hands thoroughly first.
  2. Rinse the dummy in cold water.
  3. Boil water in a large saucepan for five minutes, add optional sterilising liquid/tablet and thenadd the dummy to the pan.
  4. Allow the dummy to soak for two minutes. Done! 
Jollypop pacifiers can also be washed in the dishwasher or with a home steriliser. 
Do not ‘clean’ your baby’s dummy by placing it in your mouth. This increases the risk of you 
passing infections on to your baby. 
For everyday cleaning, hot water and a mild detergent will do the trick! A regular dummy 
cleaning rinse and wash with hot water will keep your baby’s dummy clean, remove any dirt and 
help kill any germs. 

Nuby Pacifier & Teether Wipes could be another super handy product when it comes to cleaning the dummies or teethers.

If your little one has been unwell, it’s also a good idea to sterilise their dummy again. 
When to replace your child’s dummy 
Dummies need to be replaced as your child gets older. They’ll either move to a dummy that is 
appropriate for an older child or they might outgrow their dummy altogether over time. 
We recommend replacing a Jollypop after two months of use for safety and hygiene reasons, or 
potentially sooner depending on wear and tear. It comes down to how often your child uses their 
dummy so keep an eye out for holes and tears to see when it might need to switch out for a new 
one. You can check by pulling it in different directions to inspect it thoroughly. 
Dummies falling on the floor and getting lost is a notorious issue for parents but there’s a 
Dummy Clips and Holders 
Dummy clips are a great solution for preventing dummies from getting lost as they easily help 
clip a dummy on to your child’s clothing. 
Our​dummy clip holder range​ is super stylish! They are easy to use with a push and pull clip that 
easily attaches to most dummies. 
They have a strong clasp that won’t pull off but is also gentle on clothes and they’re washable 
and durable too. 
RazBuddy Pacifier Holders​ and BooginHead Pacipals are soft and comforting companions that attach to your baby’s dummy and make it easier for them to hold on to it. 
The range features cute and colourful animal friends that your baby will love! 
These easy-to-grab plush toys help your baby to position their dummy and the pacifier can be 
removed from the holder to wash them both separately before reattaching them. 
Keeping your dummy clean and easy to find will make your life as a busy parent much easier 
and can help bring comfort to your baby too! 

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